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Skintella Repairing Serum

A potent soothing serum formulated to calm and repair the skin from within. It also helps to strengthen and support the function of the skin’s natural barrier. With the help of Bifida Ferment Lysate and Centella Asiatica, this serum can also help to diminish redness, calm irritation, and improve overall skin health. Not only can this serum support wound-healing, but it also optimises skin recovery and salvation for long-lasting results.

CoalFace Soap

A low-pH bar soap with a deep cleansing formula, made possible with activated charcoal, paired with honey to ensure the skin remains nourished. This powerful duo aims to give you healthy, clean and smoother skin. Activated charcoal is hailed for clearing acne-causing bacteria as well as absorbing excess oil and toxins on and below the surface of the skin. Honey delivers nourishing properties and helps to brighten the overall complexion.

Rosa Glow Treatment Essence

A brightening essence formulated with only eight carefully selected ingredients, including 2% Alpha Arbutin and Beetox-H. Rosa Glow Treatment Essence has a thin, watery consistency but is packed with active ingredients to help fade hyperpigmentation, brighten overall complexion, tighten skin and diminish fine lines.



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CoalFace Soap & Skintella Repairing Serum, 3 Pcs CoalFace Soap, Skintella Repairing Serum & Rosa Glow Treatment Essence

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